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General Info Guide
CoD: WaW General Info Guide

Level: The final level of any prestige is 65. There are 10 prestiges too!

Maps: There are currently 13 maps: Airfield, Asylum, Castle, Cliffside, Courtyard, Dome, Downfall, Hangar, Makin, Outskirts, Roundhouse, Seelow and Upheavel.

Airfield: One of the largest of the 13 maps, as well as being probably the most hated. This is actually a sniper's great escape because of it's size and multiple areas to sniper from. Whether you have a height advantage or not, you need to keep alert because there are tons of little places and crevices in which enemies can pop out and hunt you down! A recommended strategy is to secure the left side of the map (including the sniping building). You now have camouflage (greenery) and an easy sniper's spot.

Asylum: A medium sized map with both outdoor and indoor fighting. A lot of close quarter encounters and a few tricky spots to take your enemies by surprise. A good tactic for this map is to separate your squad into 2 groups: one rushes towards the enemy with an onslaught of grenades while the other flanks and surprises the enemy.

Castle: A medium sized, brightly lit map which consists of a watchtower, shrine and a small river+bridge. About 50% of this map is indoor fighting and the other 50% is outdoor. Players must be on their toes because a surprise can be around any corner or even above your head. No vehicles however, there are many little intricate sniping spots for you avid snipers. Those of you who enjoy a good ol' run and gun will love fighting in the interior instead. A good all around map with coverage and protection from both snipers and assaulters.

Cliffside: A large jungle-like map and a sniper's paradise. With the majority of the fighting being done on either side of the map, the open center serves as a route straight to hell if you're caught stranded. Snipers will pick you off as well as any other gunners. A recommended tactic or battle strategy is to bottle-neck the enemies into either the center or the left side of the map. Adjacent snipers can pick off stragglers and a volley of grenades will have your enemies petrified!

Courtyard: Preferred by many, this medium-sized map is lots of fun and can get you a lot of kills. There are numerous chokepoints that you can get caught in or get your enemies caught in. Fighting is basically everywhere so you must stay alert at all times. A good strategy is to stay up top and fire from below. Have a sniper pick off running or flanking enemies and keep them pinned down in a corner.

Dome: The smallest map and the map with the most action. Half indoors and half outdoors, you need to stay highly alert to fire coming from all sides. There are 2 vantage points, one having cover but multiple entrances for enemies and the other being a tower with little cover but only one entrance. A good tactic for this map is to control the HQ and Pipe rooms on each side of the map. Having a good sniper up top is also a benefit to your team.

Downfall: This large destroyed map is not liked by public. It's open sides are not used a lot and therefore, much of the action takes place in the middle. Snipers are craving to pick you off so you must watch your flanks. A good strategy is to have 2 snipers on each side of the map, a tank user and 3 SMGers at center. This controls the majority of the map and helps you to push back enemies.

Hangar: This medium-sized map has a large, mainly open destroyed airfield for about half the map. The other half of the map is littered with outdoor objects and cover. A good tactic is to control the airfield and have allies covering every entrance.

Makin: A small island filled with Dojo huts, surrounded by water and a small jungle-like surrounding to the North of the map. It is set in the night time so you have to keep very alert to small movements. You'll find a lot of up close and personal action on this small-medium map. Snipers need to be either on the tall tower (which a lot of people look at before advancing) and on the far sides of the map. Many submachine guns are used and a good amount of semi-auto fans play too. A good tactic for this map is to play defensively. set up positions (and hold them) and let the enemies walk right into your line of fire. You can tread through water and hide under buildings for added protection. An overall decent map but not meant for snipers.

Roundhouse: Large bombed train station with cargo and debris scattered around. The side of the map are littered with rubble and empty train carts as well as a small factory-type building. Good for snipers since there are many places to hide. There are 2(?) tanks on each side of the map which are fully accessible by 2 people (gunner and main gunner). In the middle is a roundhouse (it's the actual map name! Shocked) which is pretty empty and ruined. Run and gunners will find it hard to compete with snipers and semi-automatic users.


Perk 1:
Special Grenade x3
Satchel Charge x2 (C4)
M9A1 Bazooka x2 (RPG)
Bomb Squad
Bouncing Betty x2 (claymore)
Primary Grenade x2

Perk 2:
Stopping Power
Fireworks (higher explosive weapon damage)
Flak Jacket (reduces explosive damage)
Gas Mask (protects against Tabun Gas)
Camouflage (UAV Jammer)
Sleight of Hand
Shades (see through Signal Flare)
Double Tap

Perk 3:
Deep Impact
Extreme Conditioning
Steady Aim
Toss Back (resets thrown grenade fuses)
Second Chance (Last Stand & someone with Second Chance can revive you)

Vehicle Perks:
Water Cooler (decreases turret overheat)
Greased Bearings (Increases turret rotation speed)
Ordnance Training (Decreases reload time of turrets)
Leadfoot (Increases tank top speed)
Coaxial Machine Gun (Allows the driver of the tank to man the turret as well)

I'll briefly go over weapons, attachments, sidearms and grenades that are currently available and elaborate on bolt-action rifles later.

Colt M1911 - starting pistol. Usually takes a full clip to kill.
Nambu - Japanese pistol. Slightly faster+stronger than Colt
Walther P38- Similar to Nambu
Tokarev TT-33 - Strongest pistol (so far) and most accurate


N° 74 ST (anti-tank & sticky)
Molotov Cocktail (flaming drink/glitched=does very little damage unless direct hit)

Tabun Gas (stun grenade)
Signal Flare (bright white light and small vision impairment. Mostly for protection)


SVT-40: A good semi-automatic rifle with deadly accuracy and a good iron sight. Relatively strong (2 hits to chest with SP). Three attachments available: Flash Hider (suppressor) after 25 kills, Aperture Sight after 75 kills and the Telescopic Sight after 150 kills.

Gewehr 43: A good semi-automatic rifle with slightly weaker accuracy but friendlier iron sights. Weaker than SVT (usually 3 shots to chest with SP). Four attachments: Suppressor (25), Aperture Sight (75), Telescopic Sight (100) and Rifle Grenade (150)

M1 Garand
: A stronger semi-automatic rifle with typical "M" iron sights (prongs like M4, M16, etc.). Usually 2 shots to chest with SP. Four attachments: Flash Hider (25), Bayonet (75), Rifle Grenade (100) and Sniper Scope (150).

STG-44 (MP44): ***Excellent gun in almost every aspect. Its full-auto, and very powerful. The STG-44 is infinitely better than its counterpart in CoD4, with better iron sights and a bit of a lower recoil.***Three attachments: Suppressor (25), Aperture Sight (75) and Telescopic Sight (100).

Submachine Guns:

Thompson (Tommy Gun): A fast SMG with some recoil while firing with iron sights (which are pretty good/accurate). Pretty strong and great for hip-firing at close quarters. Three attachments: Suppressor (25), Aperture Sight (75) and Round Drum (150). Round drum provides more bullets per clip and more ammunition overall.

MP40: A slower SMG with more accuracy and a tad less strength than the Thompson. Great circular iron sights for longer targets. Good clip size too. Three attachments: Suppressor (25), Aperture Sight (75) and Dual Magazine (150). Dual Mag. provides the user with double the magazine size, which allows for more ease in taking out multiple targets.

Type 100: The newest SMG, it packs quite a punch and it's fast Rate Of Fire takes down enemies with ease. But be careful, this thing eats up bullets and fast! The iron sights are manageable but the recoil might make you miss quite a bit. Steady Aim is definitely a big plus. Recommended bursts fire at medium-long range. Hip-fire up close. Three attachments: Suppressor (25), Aperture Sight (75) and Box Magazine (150).


M1897 "Trench Gun"
: Pump shotgun with four shells at a time. Quite strong at close range and not very often will you require a second shot if the first makes direct contact. Fun to use in close quarters or while run n' gunning. Two attachments: Grip (25) and Bayonet (75).

Double-Barreled Shotgun: This American shotgun has a tad less accuracy and range for increased damage and a semi-automatic feature. Only 2 shells at a time, which could mean quicker reloading or too little ammo (depends how you look at it). Two attachments: Grip (25) and Sawed-off Shotgun (75). Recommended perk= Sleight of Hand

Machine Guns:

Type 99: An odd looking MG with even weirder sights. Fires quite fast and takes out targets at close-medium range with ease. Good clip size for multiple enemies. Decent reload time. Two attachments: Bipod (25) and Bayonet (75).

Bar: A classic looking MG with a slow rate of fire. Rifles can be fired faster! However, it's accuracy and brute strength make it quite a terror on the battlefield. Smaller clip size requires a lot of reloading after killing. One attachment: Bipod (25)

DP-28: The 2nd most odd-looking MG. It has a round disc which feeds the rounds into the beast. It spits out rounds faster than the Bar but much slower than the Type 99. Iron sights are quite good (similar to AK-47?). One attachment: Bipod (25)

MG42: ***Quite possibly the most beastly gun in the beta. It has a crazy high clip-size compared to the other MG's, and its rate of fire is out of this world. This weapon is STRONGLY recommended. *** One attachment: Bipod (25)

Bolt-Action Rifles

Springfield: The Springfield is the dominate sniper rifle for one main reason: it's the only bolt-action that has the sniper rifle automatically unlocked! For some bizarre reason, when attaching a sniper scope onto the rifle, it provides it with a one-shot kill while, without it, it is 2 to the chest. Majority of snipers will use the sniper scope through all of the Marksmen challenges simply because it acts like a real sniper rifle. It's somewhat faster than the other two and provides a one shot kill, even to Juggernauts. 2 shots to torso+limbs. Three attachments: Sniper Scope (automatic), Bayonet (75) and Rifle Grenade (150).

Arisaka: The Arisaka is a Japanese military bolt-action rifle that was discontinued after WWII. In WaW, it isn't often used unless the sniper has achieved 25 kills with it. It's power is nearly identical as the Springfield and accuracy is about the same. 1 shot to chest/head when Sniper Scope is attached. Three attachments: Sniper Scope (25), Bayonet (75) and Rifle Grenade (150).

Mosin-Nagant: This Russian bolt-action rifle is known for its ruggedness and durability. It is more powerful than the Springfield and Arisaka but just as accurate. However, it is still 2 shots to the stomach and 1 to the head without the Sniper Scope attached. From personal playing experience, it's possible to get a one shot kill if you aim at the high upper chest and neck. Three attachments: Sniper Scope (25), Bayonet (75) and Rifle Grenade (150).

Kar98k: This German bolt action rifle is probably the least used sniper rifle simply because it's unlocked at a later level in the game. It's effectiveness is equivalent to that of the Arisaka. It is a 1 shot to chest/head when Sniper Scope is attached per usual. Three attachments: Sniper Scope (25), Bayonet (75) and Rifle Grenade (150).


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