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Survival guide


Weapons in WaW are a bit different than in CoD4. And by "a bit" I mean very. AR's have been replaced by Semi-auto rifles, Snipers are all bolt-action and interchangeable, LMG's are far more powerful and accurate but they have lower clip sizes, and they all look a bit crazy. At first. They are just a little bit hard to get used to, but when you get the hang of them, you will own.

So anyway, lets go


For the most part, rifles are semi-auto, deadly accurate and moderately powered. They have very low clip-sizes though, so you need to have pretty decent aim to be good with them.


The SVT is a russian sniper with considerable power and good accuracy, but its recoil is a bit of a drag. Its iron sights are very similar to the G3's, and they should give you no real trouble.

I find that this gun is useless without stopping power, because it has such a low rate of fire. You need to make every shot count, so I would recommend an aperture sight (I will get to attachments later for people who are confused) for better aiming.


Minus difficult pronunciation, this gun is actually pretty decent. Good rate of fire, good accuracy, good recoil, good everything. The iron sights can be a bit weird for someone who is so used to the SVT's, but they can be really accurate if you get to know them.

This gun is really good with any perk, but again I like stopping power for faster killing. Its meant to be an all range killer, so slap on an aperture sight or telescopic sight and you are good to go.

M1 Garand

Now here is a great gun. The M1 Garand is intensely powerful, with excellent range and accuracy. Its iron sights and recoil are a mirror image of the M14's, but even if you are a hater of the M14 you will LOVE this gun! I was surprised to see it had a sniper scope too, so you can use it for sniping too!

Stopping power makes this gun a two shot kill, which can be helpful since it only has a clip-size of 8. The sniper scope and Bayonet are the most useful attachments for this gun.

StG-44 (MP44)

Excellent gun in almost every aspect. Its full-auto, and very powerful. The StG-44 is infinitly better than its counterpart in CoD4, with better iron sights and a bit of a lower recoil.

Any perk will work well with this weapon, as well as any attachment. Its simply awesome.

Recommended class:

Primary Weapon: StG-44
Attachment: Aperture Sight
Side Arm: TT-33
Primary Grenade: Frag
Secondary Grenade: Tabun Gas
Perk 1: Bandolier
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Steady Aim


SMG's are the exact same as in CoD4, with some more unique designs. I find that they perform better than in CoD4, because they have pretty incredible range, and the attachments for them are better.


The thompson is the first smg, but its a favorite among lots of players. It has a high rate of fire, and good accuracy, but its a bit of a close-range weapon. Its mag only holds up to 20 rounds though, so a drum mag is strongly recommended.


I prefer this gun to the Thompson, because its got a lower rate of fire and a higher clip capacity, meaning you can take down quite a few people with one clip. Stopping power is almost a necessity, because of its lower rate of fire. But trust me, sometimes you can even countersnipe
with this weapon. Silencer and Aperture sight are good attachments for this gun.

Type 100

I could honestly marry this gun. Its just so good, with a high rate of fire, excellent accuracy and range, and an intense look and feel. All with a 30 round clip.

Its essentially a new and improved thompson. I would recommend a silencer or box mag for this gun.

Recommended class:

Primary Weapon: Type 100
Attachment: Box Magazine
Side Arm: Nambu
Primary Grenade: Sticky Grenade
Secondary Grenade: Tabun Gas
Perk 1: Pr.Grenades x2
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning


Shotguns are a bit worse in this game, with a tiny bit less range and kind of a weird spread. But they are still use-able.

Trench Gun

I can't believe how terrible this gun is. Hubshnuckle would cry. Its pump action, with terrible range and power. Plus, it has a four round clip. Lame.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

Ok now is my favorate Its semi-auto, with a two round clip and much better range than the good ol' trenchy. Insanely powerful, and very effective in CQC. I would recommend sleight of hand for faster reloading, point and hip fire works better and trust me.this thing is fun you also have to change tactics which made me a better player laying traps and suckin them in i do alot of fake run aways and dbl back for the ambush

Recommended Class:

Primary Weapon: DB Shotgun
Attachment: None
Side Arm: TT-33
Primary Grenade: Molotov Cocktail
Special Grenade: Flare
Perk 1: Bomb Squad
Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk 3: Steady Aim

Machine Guns

Machine Guns are pure tanks, being super powerful with amazing range. The only thing that gets me about the earlier ones, though, is the low clip-sizes. But the later ones have more ammunition.

Type 99

Very good gun, with a high rate of fire and a decent clip size. It has a ridiculous look though, since the mag kinda protrudes from the top. But don't fret, there is a little sight on the left for your aiming needs! Cheesy

Use Deep Impact and a Perk 2 of choice for this gun, as well as a bayonet for help in CQC.


The BAR is intensely powerful, but it has a very low rate of fire and a high recoil. Oh, and to make matters worse, it has a 20 round clip. SO you may ask yourself, "how on earth can I use this gun?" I only have one answer. Bipod. It has no recoil at all with the bipod, and it can just tear through both walls and infantry alike.

Use either deep impact or steady aim with this one, and be sure to have juggernaut handy for when you are using the bipod.


This gun destroys. It is essentially a BAR with a lower rate of fire and a higher clip size. But the first thing you will notice about this MG is the massive disc-magazine on the top of the gun. Its kinda funny to look at.

I would use the same setup the BAR has for this weapon.


Quite possibly the most beastly gun in the beta. It has a crazy high clip-size compared to the other MG's, and its rate of fire is out of this world. To those who have played BF: Bad Company, it is a mirror image of the MG3. This weapon is STRONGLY recommended.

Recommended class:

Primary Weapon: MG-42
Attachment: Bipod
Side Arm: TT-33
Primary Grenade: Sticky
Secondary Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Bazooka
Perk 2: Juggernaut or Flak Jacket
Perk 3: Deep Impact or Steady Aim

Bolt-Action Rifles

The cool thing about these is that they are interchangeable with snipers. Yes thats right. You can go Scope or no-scope, although I much prefer to scope my guns.


This gun can pack a punch, homer simpson or not. Its very accurate, but for me its meant to be a sniper. The iron sights just suck so bad that they are just impossible to use. The good thing is you start off with a scope, so thats a bonus. Stopping Power is helpful for one-shot kills, and deep impact is good for when you see someones gun is sticking out from behind a wall and you can get them easier.


Not a fan of this gun, simply because its just not that powerful. The iron sights are O.K, but its almost impossible to effectively get the sniper scope, which is only 25 kills. So to get the sniper scope, which is much more effective, play hardcore so you can put the iron sights to better use. Anywhere on the body will be a kill.


Wow. That is all I can say. This weapon is simply awesome. I would be cheating on the Type 100 with this gun. It has great iron sights, but again, play hardcore so you can unlock the scope faster. But its a lot better with the scope, turst me.


Now, I haven't used this rifle all that much, but from what I've seen so far, its pretty decent. Very similar to the springfield too, but I find that the bolt pulls back faster. Other than that they are pretty similar.

Recommended class:

Primary Weapon: Mosin-Nagant
Attachment: Sniper Scope
Side Arm: TT-33
Primary Grenade: Frag
Secondary Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Bouncing Betties
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Deep Impact


Alright so, the only vehicles in the game are tanks, and I must say they are pretty beastly. They are very powerful; both the gunner and driver seats. Plus, tanks just won't die. Honestly, I waste both my bazookas and my sticky grenade and they don't die! But of course, other tanks pose a dire threat, and what vehicle perk one tank has can make a huge difference in a tank war. For example, the guy with the ordinance training perk willl beat the guy with leadfoot any day. But the main purpose of a tank is to make kind of an offensive against an objective or chokepoint. They can clear out a massive flag in war, for example, and make capturing a bit easier. But remember this: Make sure your team has control of at least one tank. If your enemy controls both, you team is dead. So make sure you control one tank so your team has a slight edge over the enemy. Gunners: Remember that your head is exposed at all times! You are a very easy target for snipers and sneaky SMGers, but you have an advantage over them in terms of weaponry! Make sure you see them first, or else you might find yourself decapitated.

New Gametypes


The object of War is very simple: To capture a series of control points across the map until you own all of them, and when you do, your team wins! But its more complicated than that.

In War, each team already controls two flags, but they aren't up for grabs just yet. Both Teams only go for one flag at a time, and when one team successfully captures said flag, they will go for the opposite teams first flag. And if they capture that one, they go for the final flag, and if they capture that, they win. Sounds easy enough, but the tide of battle can, and will, turn in favor of your enemy! So never lose your cool or get cocky, because comebacks are common in this game. Im not going to go into further detail because there is just so much to cover, so Im going to stop here.


This is the closing part of my guide, but it is one of the most important, since there are so many new attachments. So, here we go.

Rifle attachments

Flash Hider

Exact same thing as a silencer, no difference at all. It prevents you from being seen on radar when firing your gun.

Aperture Sight

Mirror image of a red dot sight, but with much more precision and better accuracy. Good on almost any weapon.

Telescopic Sight

Almost identical to the ACOG, but with a different feel. Aiming triangle is smaller, and a bit more precise. Recommended for the Gweher.

Rifle Grenade

Unlocked at marksman 4 for the Gweher and the M1 Garand. Exact same thing as a noobtube with higher power and different look. Also travels a bit slower.

SMG Attachments


See "Flash Hider".

Aperture Sight

See "Rifles".

Drum/Box/Dual Magazine

Gives you extra ammo for you SMG as well as a higher clip size. Very useful for higher kill-streaks.

Shotgun Attachments


Lowers recoil and  improves accuracy a bit, but it replaces your perk 1. Not recommended.


Increases your knife range. Use this.

Machine Gun Attachments


Used to setup your weapon on a surface like sandbags, or whatever is at chest level by pressing X. Increases accuracy and reduces recoil when you have setup you bipod, but you are using a crosshair and not your iron sights (like the mounted MG's in CoD4).


Exclusive to the Type 99. See "Shotguns".

Bolt-Action Rifle Attachments

Sniper Scope

Mounts a sniper scope on you gun for improved range and accuracy. Highly recommended.


See "Shotguns".

Rifle Grenade

See "Rifles".

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