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Grenade Guide
This is a guide for all the Primary and Special grenades in Call of Duty: World at War. Hope you enjoy!  Smiley

Primary Grenades

These grenades are meant for killing and killing only. No funny business with these; they will destroy you.

Frag Grenade

Frags are the standard grenade type in most games, except they are A LOT weaker in world at war. You will notice a HUGE difference in grenade gameplay since they don't ALWAYS kill. This means that spamming is not a great idea, make sure to conserve your frag for when you really need it. Also, frags work both ways. They are semi-effective against vehicles, and semi-effective against enemies, so I guess thats how treyarch balanced everything. Still, though, throw a frag just as you would in CoD4; simple geometry!

Sticky Grenade

For those who are familiar with spike grenades in halo 3, you will instantly recognize the similarity between spikes and stickies. Sticky grenades will stick to ANYTHING, even people. This can change the way you think about grenades in Call of Duty. Sticking people has never been so fun, but you should use them for tanks and tanks only. Stickies have a poor range and are worse than frags for taking people out, but against tanks, they rule. Just chuck one under the treads and your good to go!

Molotov Cocktail

Molotovs are VERY difficult to use. I mean, ridiculous. They have no range capabilities; it usually only kills someone on direct impact. So, what you have to do with these things is to break em' out in hardcore. Trust me, you do NOT want to be caught seen with a molotov in regular modes, simply because they do not work. A good strategy I use is to lob them at the bomb target in S&D when someone is planting, because if they are planting than they will definitely take damage.

Special Grenades

Special grenades are meant as little helpers, to make killing or retreating a lot easier, even though they have several uses.

Tabun Gas

Tabun gas is like a stun grenade, only better. When thrown, it releases deadly nerve gas that disorients whoever is in its radius. And boy do they work. They really mess up your vision and hearing, which makes fighting almost impossible. What makes them betters than stuns is that when you are stunned you can still see just fine. With Tabun Gas your camera is shaky, and its really hard to aim and even make out what weapon your holding! These are best for throwing into buildings, as whoever is inside will be dazed by the gas. To avoid Tabun Gas, use the Gas Mask perk.

Signal Flares

Signal Flares are very underrated. People hate them because they don't blind people, because they compare them to flashbangs in CoD4. Signal flares emit a large glow which makes it impossible to see anything around it, and if you are right next to one, your screen will turn into a kind of red shade which makes it a bit difficult to see. What I like to do with signal flares, is to use them like a smoke grenade. Throw one to make a distraction or to blind an area from view. They are VERY bright, and even if you don't have a red shade on your screen, it can still be pretty hard to see. To avoid this intensity, use the shades perk. (it actually gives you sunglasses Cool)

Smoke Grenade

Exact same thing as in CoD4, used for the same purposes. Although the smoke isn't as thick or big in WaW, its still useful for capturing objectives and avoiding enemies.

Anyway, thats about it for my guide! Have fun pissing people off! Cheesy

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