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Search and Destroy Handbook

S&D is a very tactical based game, a lot different to TDM, you need to use skill, strategy and teamwork to win. It can lead up to very high XP Points (over 600 in a decent game) with only few kills. S&D is usually frowned upon by the general population that play video games, as it can appear uneventful and slow, mainly because no respawning--respawns are for pussies, punks and little kids but many that actually play Search and Destroy agree it puts a purpose into the game (apposed to TDM) and requires a lot of skill to get good scores.

In this guide I will cover tactics and strategies, locations, guns and some other useful things. So without further to do, let's begin!


this is one of-- if not the most important team type play available ! team tactics and communication
Do not stay at spawn points, you will get spammed by Rifle Grenades and Frag Grenades. If you are getting shot at, remember survival is the key. If you take cover from enemy fire, retreat and hide the enemy will most properly come running after you like an idiot and you get the kill Grin Know your maps! Go into a Private match and study them, every nook and cranky can be helpful when playing S&D for either camping or retreat fire. If something looks like an enemy don't be afraid to shoot, most of the time it is.

A great tip most people should  know..

this needs to be used more often it is extremely important
-Press "Select" or "< button on Xbox" to bring up the scores screen, use it to find out how many people are dead and alive.

spectating a guy who's the only one left in the game, moving secretly around the bomb or LOOKING  for enemies when he should be diffusing it. !



if you are not so clutch and you find yourself in this situation more often then not you have a problem with your tactics and need to work on changing it to better your self and your team
last man left ? there is a time and place for everything !  if you are always the last man left you need to consider 2 factors-
   you are either so much  better then everyone else and there for your always the last man standing--
   -or  everyone is always dead before you because you really should have been helping them out in a fire fight or at a minimum could have eliminated the opponent who took out your team mate !
this is extremely important because if you fall to far behind the action you become useless and end up fighting your opponents single handed and you could have helped out more
remember --move with your team as they move up on a map
if your the last man left and you don't clutch the round  you  have  lost that round for your entire squad because of your actions
if your always the last man left and you are not always clutching it ---somethings wrong ! if your a sniper and everyone is dead your not doing your job --your not protecting your team
first man dead ! again  if you are always spectating and always first man dead you need to ask your self this--am i so good i usually take out 4 to 5 players because taking out 1 or 2 does not justify your actions and your team is still short handed
Listen out at all time; footsteps, knifes slashing, reloading and plant/defuse noises could be the difference between a kill or death, and a win or loss.
patience is a vertur but stagnating is not
Try to avoid open spaces, and if you do have to cross them, DON’T HANG ABOUT.

Keep moving - don't stay in one spot and wait for people (Attacking Strategy).

If it's you and another guy left, go help them out if they're planting. I've seen this scenario too many times - guy plants, other is miles away, planter gets knifed, other team gets quick and EASY defuse.

The most important one - Don't quit if you die in the first round. I've been on 0 - 2 after 2 rounds and got 10+ kills. Trust your skills, they'll come through eventually XDDD

If going into a building with a teammate, let him go first. If he dies run in straight after, the enemy will properly be reloading, therefore defenseless.

If in open areas, sprint as much as possible, this makes it harder for the enemy to snipe you


In S&D you will gather that there are usually two types of players; The defensive ones and the attackers. Depending on the map or side you are on, you will properly use both to help gather up and kills and wins. Remember to use Recon Planes at the start of the next round. Providing you know the map and routes people take, you can gather how many people approximately are coming your way.


Defensive seems to be the most favoured option of the two, as the enemy comes to you. You can gather a moderate kill count and few deaths. You need a good location to "camp" or as I say, guard and betties planted to stop those rushers.

Most Defensive locations seem to be round the bomb or at choke points, throughout the map. Remember to be very cautious and secretive but the most important thing is to stay ALERT!  Concentrate on the area, constantly scanning for enemies and prepared to shoot. This is why I'm a failure at Defensive play, I get bored after 15 seconds, lose concentration and die Smiley
When planting betties put them in random or unexpected places. The enemy will only look for Betties at flanking and choke points, so you can get quite a few kills. When radar is up use it to your advantage, bring up the big map (up on directional pad) and study where the enemy is. Defensive strategy ensures easy kills but may give not give you a very high kill count, but also a low death count.


If you are the attacking type of player you will know that speed and silence is the best strategy. Try to get round the enemies spawn and come up behind them, move quick as if your on an enemy sniper scope. Using bomb squad will give you freedom moving around buildings without high caution. However if you see a Betty, don't blow it up if there is another way of getting to the place you want. Blowing it up will attract enemies and waste valuable time, also you might die blowing these things up Grin. Each round try to change your route slightly, If you are getting lots of kills, enemies might try and kill you by waiting in your route, which can be annoying. Also stay away from dead bodies! Overall this method is extremely effective, you can achieve scores of around 6-2 and 7-3 on average but high as 10-1 if your good and 13-4.


One of the most effective Tactics to use but by no means the easiest. Camp Sniping (defensive) allows you to kill the enemy effectively from a great range where you are concealed. Enemies don't know where you are, which is very important in S&D. Through Camp sniping you can counter enemy tactics through choke points and Sniping spots you know.
Always try to snipe an enemy as quickly as possible but make sure you are aimed on them, this is the hardest part but with time you will get more and more accurate and fast. I recommend using bouncing betties to set traps for Camp Sniping as enemies will search for snipers in common areas. Again, like in the Attacking section, make your to change your sniping spot each round.

Mobile Sniping (attacking) is another great way to get some kills. Mobile Sniping is very different to Camp Sniping as you are attacking the enemy and hunting them down as apposed to generally scanning for them, while defending an area. Mobile Snipers play almost the same way as a normal attacking players, however they scan areas more completely due to the added advantage of the sniper scope. When Mobile Sniping make sure to Jump, Prone and Aim when in close-medium range of an enemy, I would recommend changing your Button Layout to "Tactical" which swaps around the Melee and Crouch/Prone Button around. This is much easier when Jump, Prone and Aiming because you can Prone and Aim with the same button.

CLASSES - Some great classes to help you choose the perfect class

Here are some of the setups I use in HC Search and Destroy

Pistol of choice

Bomb Squad
Steady Aim/ Dead Silence

Great attacking class for running around the map finding the enemies, no wasting time planting betties and never again will you get killed by one planting the bomb or running through buildings Grin I use steady aim with the Gewehr since it is semi-auto, if using a full-auto weapon choose dead silence.

Pistol of Choice

Bouncing Betties
Dead Silence

A lot of people think Dead Silence is a waste of a perk but I can't count the amount of times I've got a kill because I've heard the enemy. Using this perk will allow to feel more comfortable moving round the map. (For good hearing, headphones are recommended)


A small description of each gun and rated on ATTACK (A), DEFENCE (D) and VERSATILITY (V) (all situations) overall for S&D, giving you an idea of what the best to use are. . .


SPRINGFIELD- Standard American Sniper, most common Bolt-Action you will see. Very accurate and deadly at long range. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 1/5
D - 4/5
V - 1/5

ARISAKA - Japanese Bolt-Action. High power and lower recoil, use at long range only. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 1/5
D - 4/5
V - 1/5

MOSIN-NAGANT -  Russian Bolt-Action. More Powerful than Springfield and Arisaka. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 1/5
D - 4/5
V - 1/5

KAR98k - German Bolt-Action. Great Sniper, Damage equivalent to the Mosin's. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 1/5
D - 4/5
V - 1/5

PTRS-41 - German SEMI-AUTOMATIC. At last, Brilliant Sniper, Huge Damage and great sound Grin Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 1/5
D - 4/5
V - 2/5


SVT-40 - Great Semi-Auto Rifle, Nice accuracy and powerful. Good Rate of Fire as long as you have a good trigger finger. Recommended with Flash Hider Attachment, as Iron Sights are great.A - 3/5
D - 4/5
V - 3/5

GEWEHR 43 - Similar to the SVT, although this seemed to be the favoured of the two. A little less power is sacrificed for No Recoil. Great for S&D in all fields and works well with all Attachments. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 4/5
D - 5/5
V - 4/5

M1 GARAND - Often this Gun is criticized for lame Rate of Fire, small clip and bad recoil. However, with practice you can become a deadly master with this weapon. It has the standerd Prong Iron Sights. Great with Flash Hider or Sniper Scope Smiley Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 3/5
D - 3/5
V - 2/5

STG-44 - Fully Automatic Rifle, possibly most popular gun in the game, Low recoil and great range make this gun great. Also because its Fully-Auto it is Awesome in CQC (Close-Quarters Combat) too. Defiantly recommended for S&D. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 5/5
D - 4/5
V - 4/5

M1A1 CARBINE - Again, similar to SVT-40, you'll properly use this once you unlock it at level 65 XD.A - 3/5
D - 4/5
V - 4/5


THOMPSON - Fast, but a lot of unsteady recoil, very powerful and great for CQC and hip-fire. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 5/5
D - 3/5
V - 3/5

MP40 - Better circular Iron sights and more controllable than the Thompson, with great range for an SMG, this gun is loved by all players. Great with Silencer for Stealth Classes. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 4/5
D - 4/5
V - 4/5

TYPE 100 - Fast Rate of Fire and okay Iron Sights. A bit wild sometimes however at longer ranges. Recommended with Black Dot Sight. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 4/5
D - 3/5
V - 3/5

PPSH-41 - Twice as fast as Type 100, low recoil but low damage, Rate of Fire evens this out. Great for both Core and Hardcore mode. Use Black Dot Sight for Hardcore, Round-Drum for Core mode. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 5/5
D - 3/5
V - 4/5


M1897 TRENCH GUN - Pump action Shotgun with for shells, designed for CQC only. May require a second hit if not direct impact, which could kill you. Use Bayonet, for if you miss first time off. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 4/5
D - 2/5
V - 1/5

DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOTGUN - Famous American shotgun with increased damage and more range. It is Semi-Automatic but the only downside is that is only has 2 shells at a time, most players shoot the two shells in quick succession for a quicker kill. However this is not needed all the time. My prefered Shotgun of the two. Sleight of Hand is a Must. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 4/5
D - 2/5
V - 1/5


TYPE 99 - Although this Gun looks weird it is Great. Little recoil and Nice sized clip. Brutal at Close-Medium range, although takes a little longer to Reload than most Machine Gun's. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 4/5
D - 4/5
V - 4/5

BAR - Nice Iron Sights and Damage, but small clip. Rate of Fire is slow and uneven. Bipod is the only attachment on the gun. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 3/5
D - 4/5
V - 3/5

DP-28 - Odd looking gun, often called the "Pizza Gun" or "Plate Gun" etc. Large clip thanks to the Disc. Moderate Damage but could shoot quicker. Quite Average.A - 3/5
D - 3/5
V - 3/5

MG42 - Huge clip and extreme Rate of Fire. Okay Damage and the Gun actually looks Decent!! Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 5/5
D - 3/5
V - 4/5

FG42 - High Damage and No Recoil. Dodgy Iron Sights but can get used to the them. Small clip is not too much of a problem as it reloads quite quick. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 4/5
D - 4/5
V - 4/5

BROWNING M1919 - Similar to the MG42 but sadly a little more weird looking. The Iron Sights are odd, working great for some players but not so good for others. With the Browning it is easy to take down multiple targes due to the large clip which is a real plus. Click Here for a Guide to the WeaponA - 4/5
D - 3/5
V - 3/5

ATTACHMENTS - Which ones to use

APERTURE SIGHT (Black Dot Sight)

Black optical sight for enhanced aiming. Useful for weapons with bad Iron Sights.


Don't show up on enemy radar, unless Recon Plane is up. Great Attachment for Stealth, although not recommended for Hardcore mode.


Telescopic Sight with 4x Zoom. Great for long distance shooting. Only use this attachment if you are using a long ranged gun, In CQC this attachment is not helpful at all.


Enhanced Scope with more Zoom than Telescopic Sight. Take out enemies from afar with ease. Highly Recommended for Bolt-Action Rifles


The 'n00b tube' Cheap kills, at the start. Takes up Perk 1 Slot which is essential. Also this is only beneficial at the start of the round. Once you use these you have to move quit to your position or route, because other enemies will already be on the move.


Knife attachment on the end of Rifle. Lunge from further away for Melee attacks. This can be great is you find yourself often meleeing from too far. Can come in handy, however not essential. Not recommended as you still have a basic knife.


Set up a Bipod for less recoil and more accurate shooting. You might as well put this perk on. On most Machine Guns, it's the only attachment.


Vetical Grip for less recoil. Only available on Shotguns, this is great if you need to fire more than one shot quickly on the Trench Gun and also seemingly gives the Double-Barreled Shotgun for range, which is very good. However this attachment takes up Perk 1 Slot.


Sawn off Shotgun for Double -Barreled Shotgun. More Damage and shell spray but less range. Definatly not Recommended.


Circular Gun magazine to hold more bullets. Maybe use on a gun such as the Thompson as it has a small clip


Perk 1

Extra Ammunition Magazines. As many players will find this Perk useful on other gametypes it is not very useful for S&D as you won't need too much ammo

M9A1 Bazooka with two rocket. There are not Tanks in S&D so Bazooka's primary usage is not useful. However they can take out multiple enemies in small areas, also some players use this as a Sniper Smiley

- Ability to seek out enemy Explosives. Great for a rushing class, this perk will save you countless times, which can lead up to more kills. Don't you hate getting killed by Betties?

Two pressure activated mines. Great to set traps or for Sniping. This perk is great, you can uard an area or bomb site without having to be there. It gives you know worries of enemy attacks.

Simply Burn 'em down. Not Recommended for S&D you might be seen Smiley

Two Primary Grenades. Can be useful for tactical rush grenades but overall not great for S&D as there are better Perks available

Two Remote detonation explosives. If you don't want to use Betties, try these. Great for owning enemies Try and plant one at the Spawn area and half way through the round detonate it, and if your lucky you might get a kill. However, using a more tactical approah these more may be a pain detonating them at the right time, Stick to Betties

Three special Grenades. No Smoke. This perk could be useful for attacking, throwing these into populated rooms could lead up to easy kills, but the question is, Do you need three of them? In my opinion, there are better perks available.

Perk 2

Undetectable to enemy Recon Planes. Great for stealth, defending and attacking.

Increased Rate of Fire. Could be a possibility on some weapons, Not for Hardcore mode though.

Higher explosive weapon damage, Well I suppose this might be good for Rifle Grenades

Reduces explosive damage. Maybe for Core mode, Not for Hardcore, you will die anyway since there is low health

Protects against Tabun Gas. Could be useful when defending.

Increased Health. Your main objective is to survive, not kill. If you sniped, with Juggernaut you may not die. Stopping power isn't going to help. When one on one, Stopping Power evens these Perks out. So no loss there too. Try it.

Two Primary Weapons. No Pistol. Great perk. Recommended with SMG or Rifle and Bolt Action Rifle.

Reduces the Intensity of Flares. Just No.

Faster Reloads. Don't you hate it when your caught reloading and get shot?

Increased Bullet Damage. 40% more bullet damage, Great.

Perk 3

Make less sound When you move, If your a stealthist, you'll love this one.

Deeper Bullet Penetration. Recommended for Snipers. Easy to shoot enemy when you can only see their head.

Sprint for Longer Distances, Maybe if attacking and you want to get somewhere fast.

Protects against Fire based Weapons. How many times have you been flamed? Once, twice max.

Hold Breath for longer on Scoped Weapons. Great perk for steadier sniping. Recommended.

- Drops a live grenade when killed. Maybe for Hardcore since there’s no grenade indicators.

Shows Artillery, Enemy Tanks and Dogs on Map. Useless for S&D.

Revived Down Allies. Fantastic perk, kill enemies when you should be dead and get revived back up. Cheating Death Grin

Increased hip fire Accuracy. If you have no time to aim down the sights at close range, If this.

Resets Fuse on picked up Grenades - NO


A quick overview for techniques on each map.
Note: Spawn Points on this map are not correct, the Spawns are for TDM so pay no attention to them. Also, I will give some location for Bouncing Betties (BB's), You do not have to equip Betties if you do not want too.

AIRFIELD - Be careful wandering on this map because people often snipe. When attacking, a good technique is to head underground and lay down some BB's at the entrances. Then, head your way out at the other end and try and clear out the building at B and plant. Most head here and this is the preferred bomb site. The only time people plant at the other, is when it's 1 vs. 3 or more. When you are defending, try to counteract the above method and lay down BB's at the doors/near the crate. Watch out for people running across the open area in the middle and coming from behind. Also another great technique is to get your Sniper and snipe behind a truck on defence, there is usually many enemies wandering around this area.

ASYLUM - When attacking, ALWAYS use Bomb Squad as people love to use BB's on this map. You will get very frustrated from dying to Bb's otherwise. Follow the main group of your team mates (usually go up the two sets of staircases and to the left towards B) and watch out for grenades coming from the right (see map and key). Another method when attacking is to head towards A, and throw a grenade through the broken wall and down the corridor. The defenders usually drop down near here to go towards B up the other stairs so it's worth trying. People plant at either site on Asylum, they're equally risky. Asylum is my least favorite map as planting is very difficult because of grenades and there are often campers just sat in a corner surrounded by BB's.

CASTLE - Follow the majority of your team mates on this one. When attacking, head to the left towards the bomb site and through grenades through inside for runners across here. On approach, be wary of the exploding barrel too. Also, go to the right and up the stairs along the wooden gangway but watch out for BB's. People often camp in the corner in the room upstairs so watch out. After clearing out this room, jump down and look out for any nearby 'ramblers'. This again is the preferred plant site. If you know where the glitch spot is on here (until they fix it) it may be wise to throw grenades towards it at the start to prevent any glitchers getting under the map (can often get multiple kills). I wouldn't advise going under the map yourself on either side as if you are the last person left, the game is effectively lost. Again, when defending try to do the opposite and perform what I advise you to be wary of.

CLIFFSIDE - Another great map. When attacking at the start, watch out for snipers as you may get 'clipped' as you run across to the actual cliffside. I recommend using an SMG here. Watch out for grenades too, but throw plenty of your own towards the stone bunker. On this map, there is an equal chance of successfully planting at either site but the cliffside option is generally safer as BB's are more detectable and most importantly, avoidable. Again, counteract when defending. Try sniping at the start, the is most successful usually for a 1 hit kill. The window of opportunity is small too, so you have to act fast!

COURTYARD - A relatively small but intricate map. Again, be wary of grenades at the start as it is possible to throw grenades from one end to the other. When attacking, it is best to hang back for a bit, avoiding grenades. Lay some BB's at the entrances to the 'outer ring' as people often try to flank you. It never hurts throwing a random grenade far our at the start either to take out rushers. Use a rifle of some sort on this map, preferably the STG or SVT. When defending, head to B straight away as people rarely plant at A from campers at the back. Then, return to the spawn point and either climb on top of the walls which you can walk around on in the middle, or choose to stay in one of the rocky wall outcrops.

DOME - This is the smallest map in the game so be careful! First off, RUN as soon as you spawn, you will get massively fragged instantly. If you are attacking, either head right and go up the ladder with a rifle and lay down some BB's at the stairs etc. or go left with an SMG (which is where most people go). If you are defending, lob some grenades at the crate as some go for a quick plant. Then, run into the room to the right (not the one with the other crate), go outside and wait for people to run past etc. You will get rushed by at least one person on this map, just be careful and act fast. The preferred plant site on Dome is A, usually near the end of the round time-wise.

DOWNFALL - Another very large, open map to be careful on. There is always at least one sniper on each team so watch out. When attacking, most head to the crate inside the bunker at A as it is nearer and usually less protected. Upon approach, throw a grenade over the top of the bunker with quite a lot of height and distance (jump and throw) and this usually merits a kill. When defending, lay down some BB's at B, then head to the bunker to defend. There is a narrow window and a sloped wall on the outside of the bunker which you can crouch on and this is a decent spot to defend from. To protect yourself, put some BB's on either side so people don't come round the back.

HANGAR - My favorite map for Search and Destroy. When defending, head to the right, along to the edge of the map. Go up the small set of wooden stairs into the wooden hut and take a window looking out into the entrance of the hanger with the car. 1-2 people usually take this route and watch out for snipers at the back of the hanger. Shooting the car/barrels can often get kills. You could also run straight after spawning, up the slope to the sandbags and the small opening in the hangar. Throw grenades into here as this is a popular spot to go when attacking. If you have Deep Impact, shoot through the metal into the corners too. When attacking, try to counteract the above. The preferred plant site is B as A is usually laden with BB's.

MAKIN – Another map to be careful of at the start from 'nub tubes' and grenades. When attacking, there are two routes that are equally productive. You can either go through the water to the left where visibility is poor but you may be able to go round and catch people unaware. There is also a small look out post which requires two ladders to get to (overlooking A). If you have a chance, go up here as you can see a lot of the map. If you take the route to the right, be very careful of BB's as people often hide them in the grass. When defending, run straight as you spawn and go into the circular hut in the middle and put BB's in here as people often go through here.

OUTSKIRTS - I recommend using a rifle on both fronts on this map as the majority of the time, you're going to be shooting relatively long distances. STG is preferred, but change DI, to Steady Aim to account for any possible close encounters. When attacking, head through the church then turn left once out of it. Head towards A and throw grenades over the top. There is an explosive barrel which sometimes gets kills and you may also blow up a BB and get a kill in the process (as they are planting it etc.). This is the preferred site to plant at, but only when there are 1-2 players left. Watch out for people on the wooden gangway on the building opposite and the wall just below it. Another option is to choose a sniper and head to the top of the church tower and look down upon the previously mentioned position. Watch out for other snipers though! When defending, choose an SMG/Rifle and head to the church straight away (Extreme Conditioning advised here) and try and take a few people by surprise. There is always at least one person in and around this area. Just run around and look for more! In terms of where to plant, here are two situations. If it's 5 vs. 3, plant at A. If you're the last person left, go through the tunnel and plant at B.

ROUNDHOUSE - Watch out for snipers when running at the start on the attacking team. Follow your team mates on this map as you will most likely die if you go it alone. The preferred route is running into the factory with the furnace and picking the enemy off until eventually planting. This is the best option as it is easy to defend. When defending, head right (following your team mates again) and plant some BB's in and around the crate. Planting them near the entrances to the factory is also a good place. A good position when defending, is to run to the right, past the metal sheds, until you reach a broken wall that you can walk through. There is a coal cellar which you can crouch in, allowing you to walk into the corner. If you have a silenced weapon, this is a very good spot as people often walk past here. The preferred plant site on Roundhouse is B.

SEELOW - There are two main methods for this map;

Sniping - If you are attacking, as soon as you spawn, turn around and head to the sand bags (very close). If you look to the other end of the map (to the left of the water tower) there is a gap in the wall where people run past at the start and if you're quick, you may be able to get a kill. After this, look to the bomb site on the left and try to take people out as they plant BB's around the crate. Keep checking to the right too for people running round the corner at the bottom of the map. When defending, run to the gap explained above, and conceal yourself in the bushes as best as you can and try to take out the snipers at the other end. Look for the car to the left of the map (above the barn), near the railway tracks and then aim just to the right. You will only be able to see a bit of their head but it's still enough  Springfield and PTRS are good for this. You can also run to the left, past the bomb site and crouch by the barrels. You may be able to get some kills from people running down the hill. You can also see the attacking sniping position from here.

SMG's - When attacking, head down the right side and keep going until you reach the corner of the wall. You can often get kills by throwing a rag to the NW (imagine from a 1st person view) upon approach. Once the corner is deemed clear, move round slowly and watch out for people camping in the window of the bomb site at A. About 3 people on each team take this route. The preferred plant site on Seelow is A.

UPHEAVEL - When defending, watch our for the car directly ahead of you as you spawn as many 'noob tube' this spot and can get multiple kills by doing so as it explodes, (takes a few tries but this is a possible attack method too). My preferred method when attacking is to rush down to the bottom with my first MP40 set-up and 'take them by surprise'. Most go into the building with the multiple windows upstairs, just watch out for BB's! When attacking, watch out for grenades at the start and try to stay hidden most of the time as people tend to head to windows and camp there. One way to clear out this building, is to go round the site by the 'shed' type thing, jump on the dustbins and climb up onto the shed. Then, jump and crouch through the window to avoid BB's on the stairs and you may get some kills, especially if there is one person left and they're camping up there 'thinking' they're all safe  The preferred plant site on Upheaval is A.


The following is not recommended and may lead to unexpected death.

Spin around when defusing the Bomb
Tea-bag your opponents dead corpse by taping "O" repeatedly
Shoot In the Air when the Bomb gets Defused
Spam Grenades
Spam Flares
Run behind enemies and plant a Bouncing Betty behind them
Camp, when an enemy Sniper appears into the room, get there name and send them a message saying "behind you" then knife them
Knife your allies repeatedly if they steal "Your Bomb"

Happy Hunting!

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