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ALL NEW- Wireless Digital RF XBOX 360 Headset
with XBOX LIVE Chat and
7.1 Ch Dolby Surround Sound


turtle beach X31'S $89.99




turtle beach X41'S    $ 179.99




Dazzle platinum   $89.99 each



 we have a team loaner xbox elite for team members to reserve ! rings of death ?  please reserve

use donate button to send shipping fee of  20.00  it will ship out that day and then a call tag will go to you for returning

this is a short term loaner

GLK credit union and donate




KontrolFreekFPS  $9.99perpair



also ---controllers now in stock   factory OEM MICROSOFT new $89.99   
  refurbished OEM  $79.99 
send in yours for refurbishing 39.99 ------info about the kits i use is below  please see our GLK FRONT OFFICE  info for shipping address
chose the one to buy on drop down menu then click on the buy now  button
available in black or white
these are produced with factory highly trained personnel at our government approved facility  -vender#42FL0 !
by Full-on controls advanced automation/inter-grading PLC motion control panel shop



GOOD LOOKING KILLERS proudly presents...

Xbox 360 3-Mode Rapid Fire with 3 Shot Burst Fire!!



WE HERE AT GLK PROUDLY ASSEMBLE THESE FOR YOU I HAVE TAKEN OUT ALL THE GUESS WORK AND OUT OF THE HUNDREDS OF HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT VARIOUS VARIATIONS I HAVE NARROWED IT DOWN TO JUST BUY THIS ONE AND TRUST ME ITS THE ONE YA WANT further research led me to this simplest coded chip ya you can get the ones that have 4 to 11 different setting but im going with the  3  mode all others are available and the options are limitless -example 5 mode has a sniper setting that auto engages the hold your breath glitch when ya zoom in-but again its not practical to many to cycle through-basically this one is best for  H.C. S & D

the chip i use took me days and days TO FIND THIS EXACT ONE and testing further lead me to decide !

  this one has newly updated code that is the FASTEST around after the June 11, 2009 patch!!. These rapid fire kits feature two compatibility modes: (1) Call of Duty 4 compatibility mode and (2) Call of Duty: World at War ONLINE compatibility mode. Within each compatibility mode are three programmed speeds: (1) Fast, (2) Slow, and (3) 3 shot burst fire (EXCLUSIVE!!). Other sellers reduce their rate of speed to UNDER 8 shots per second in order to stay UNDER the Call of Duty: World at War Online radar and offer "compatibility", not the ability to get around the patch at much higher speeds. These kits are programmed to work around the patch to give you the fastest rapid fire available at your fingertips. Reach speeds of up to 11.5 SPS on COD5 Xbox Live Multiplayer!!

Kits Include the Following Items:

  1. (1) Pre-Programmed PIC12F683 Microcontroller
  2. (1) 7mm Tactile Pushbutton                                  
  3. 3 Feet of 30 AWG Kynar Wire    
  4. all assembled in controller of your choice and ready to go !                    


Functionality of the kit is as follows:

  1. Switching Compatibility Modes: Holding "mode select" button until the player 4 LED blinks (LED will blink TWICE for COD5 mode and THREE times for COD4 Mode). 
  2. Changing Speed of Rapid Fire: By tapping the "mode select" button, you can switch between all 3 modes (Mode 1 = Fast, player 4 LED blinks as fast as the rate of fire; Mode 2 = Slow, player 4 LED blinks slower, but as fast as the "slow" rate of fire; Mode 3 = 3 Shot Burst Fire, player 4 LED will stay solid and single shot weapons fire a 3 shot burst.
  3. Programmed Memory: The kit is automatically designated as "off" when you turn on your controller. However, it is programmed to remember what compatibility mode it was last in, so you don't have to constantly switch between compatibility modes if you are only playing one particular game.                                              

 All shipping is done through USPS with first class parcel service. Delivery confirmation has already been added in to the total cost of shipping. If you have any questions regarding my sale, please feel free to ask.


255 douglass dr

douglassville pa 19518


kits are available but

Installation of this kit requires soldering of wires into small and confined spaces. This task requires a steady had and good eye sight. Installation is done at your own risk. This installation is a little more difficult than  other, single mode kits. You must take your time when installing this kit so you do not accidentally damage your controller or the kit. we will not be held responsible for any damage to yourself, your controller, or any other equipment during the installation of these kits. If you do not know what you are doing, seek assistance. Also, these kits have been programmed to work on COD5 with full compatibility as of 7/1/09. As of right now, this mod defeats all previous patches of COD5.we do not know what the future holds as far as any more patches being released. Any future patch of this game (if it happens) is out of my control and we will not be held responsible.

of course GLK members will have exclusive life time warranty  regarding to workmanship and future upgrades for patches please inquire about details all others buyer beware! this modification voids all warranty's to your controller and we can only offer a limited 1 year warranty on our workmanship in our factory done by highly trained staff in our advanced automation/motion control panel shop controlled by our sister company FULL-ON CONTROLS INC. UL and ISO9001- COMPLIANT &  MIL-I-45208A  APPROVED GOVERNMENT FACILITY vender#42FL0 dba full-on corp  In instances of lag or network errors, it's possible you may be detected, but is extremely rare. Not for use in tanks.  some users have reported difficulties with some game play issues including smoke and artillery, and those issues are being looked into.




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