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new member general requirments

to join GLK--general requirements and the process

the proccess ????       1st you register and make it know you want to join 

2nd fill out new requite form and or contact a leader or co-leader to make it known

the trial period is so most if not all members can get to know you it can last from 2 hours to 2 years it depends on how much you play and how fast you meet every one

sometimes you can be put on our GB ladder instantly--but that is still a trial period and you can put our clan tag on for matches only 

we ask you to please to note use our clan tag in publick rooms until you are voted in it is disrespectful to others and can be considered offensive behavior not to mention when some one see you with our clan tag on and they never had the chance to vote you in it can start you off on the wrong foot right from the get go so beware of this major infraction of our rule as a clan because you have not earnd the right to do so until then

sort of like if your going to officer school you cant be pulling people over and flashing your fake badge ! sayin im a cop !

once voted in you will receive your official team membership blister pack ie; id card,team member pass word to access the members only area


1st required reading ----- our code of ethics /rules regulations / bylaws and   read every single  remarks from our competiters in the

" see what our competion says about us "

this should at a minimum give new people interested in joining our clan a clear message of the type of people we are



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